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The Best Presentations in ICEEE 2016 are Announced!
The Excelent presentations in ICEEE 2016 are announced!

Session 1:

Presented by Oktay KoçEpoka University, Albania

Session 2:

Selective Harmonic Elimination of Multilevel inverter by the mean of PSO Algorithm
Presented by Yahya Naderi, Tabriz University, Tabriz, Iran

Session 3:

Utilization of Solar Power in Distributing Substation
Presented by Abdulgader ALSHARIF
University of Turkish Aeronautical Association Electric and Electronic Engineering Department, Turkey

Session 4:

Wireless ultra-wide band transmission of (bio)signals
Presented by A. GabrielliINFN & University of Bologna, Italy

Session 5:

Performance Comparison of Adaptive Fuzzy Type-2 and Conventional Control Strategies in Control of 2-DOF Helicopter
Presented by Djaber Maouche, Çukurova University, Turkey

Session 5:

Indoor Radio Propagation Studies at Lower End of UHF Band
Presented by Şeyma Tütüncü, Atılım University, Turkey

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