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The best prsentation of ICPSE 2014 and its workshops
ICMPM 2014 Session 1:

A Computational Chemistry Approach for Investigation of Low Friction Mechanisms based on FEP Film with Functionalized SiO2 Nanoparticles
Presented by Yusuke Morita
Toyota Motor Europe, Belgium


ICMPM 2014 Session 2:

Flow Behavior of Wood Treated with Melamine Formaldehyde Resin under Non-equilibrium Thermal-compression
Presented by Tsunehisa Miki
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan


ICNB 2014 Session 1:

Improved Dna Immobilization and Binding Efficiency on Novel Carboxylic Acid Surfaces
Presented by Milena Rowinska
Dublin City University, Ireland


ICNB 2014 Session 2:

Silver Nanoparticles and Luminescent Silver Nanodots under Oxidative Stress
Presented by Junhua Yu 
Seoul National University, South Korea


ICPSE 2014 Session 1:

Experimental Studies on a Pendulor Wave Energy Extractor in a Wave Channel
Presented by Sumesh Narayan
The University of the South Pacific, Fiji


ICPSE 2014 Session 2:

Design of a Ducted Cross Flow Turbine for Fiji
Presented by Jai Nendran Goundar
The University of the South Pacific, Fiji


ICPSE 2014 Session 3:

Method for Determining Line Drop Compensator Control Parameters of Low-Voltage Regulator Using Random Forest
Presented by Hiroshi Kikusato
Waseda University, Japan


ICPSE 2014 Session 4:

Numerical Simulation of Thermal Plasma Gasification Process
Presented by Sooseok Choi
Jeju National University, Republic of Korea

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